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Malibu Mobile Mechanic continues providing the best in local diesel engine mechanic services. Whether you drive a medium-duty gas or diesel truck, depend on a diesel generator, or portable tow-able power plant, or run contractor equipment on your construction site our team of experienced mobile mechanics in Malibu is the best choice each time.

When other auto repair shops restrict their service options to gasoline engine vehiclesselected frakke brun cazadora estilo motero hombre ισοθερμικο μπλουζακι stok hypervenom nike acc ASU Jerseys breuning ringe amazon bodenfliesen bunt black stetson hat adidas superstar ii femme jordan retro 3 lyngdorf mp 50 hdmi upgrade اساور مونت بلانك الاصليه superfit galaxy asu football jersey gorros invierno mujer , we make finding the maintenance items you need for your truck or RV simple. See why more Malibu residents depend on us for their trucks, RV’s, Generator and equipment repair


Welcome to the best place in the region to have your diesel engines, trucks and generators repaired. Whether you need regular maintenance performed or you are searching for an advanced repair service, we offer it all.

Our team provides more repair options than anyone else around. Contact us when your diesel engines require service and save more on every repair need.

Diesel Truck Repair

Although you may think of the typical diesel truck getting restricted to 18-wheelers, today’s consumer vehicles are adopting the same engine systems. As a result, people who have driven for years are now discovering that they need a new mechanic services provider.

Whether you own a classic truck, a hearty model for construction work, or even race them in your free time, our shop can help you maintain them all. Our mechanics have the experience that you can rely on for total repair needs every day.

You could spend hours trying to find a local diesel repair garage (there are NONE in Malibu!) or you could call the Mobile Mechanic Malibu residents trust with their diesel trucks.

Let us help you save on quality repairs at your location. We serve coastal Malibu along PCH from Santa Monica to Mugu, at your home, office, job site, and most campsites

Malibu Generator Repair

Gas and Diesel generators need experienced maintenance professionals. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself left in the dark before too long.

Whether your systems have flooded from sitting without use for a long and it won’t start or runs bad, it may be time to clean out your connections and filters, we are here for you. Our mechanics provide a broad range of service options, keeping your generators running longer.

There is no need to replace your expensive power units just yet when you have us working hard for you. See why more residents trust their generators to us for their maintenance needs.

passenger vehicles utilize diesel engines

Mobile Mechanic Malibu

More passenger vehicles utilize diesel engines than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that finding a mechanic shop has gotten any easier. Most repair garages either limit their service options or flat-out refuse to work on diesel engine systems because they don’t have the skills to help.

No matter what vehicle you operate, our staff of experienced auto repair experts has the solutions that you need the most. Whether you need service for a passenger van, a work vehicle, an SUV, or a sedan, we always have the lowest prices and better quality of completions around.

recreational vehicle

RV Repair

Is there anything more relaxing than spending the weekend driving up the coast in your recreational vehicle? However, the perfect weekend getaway can quickly become a nightmare scenario if your RV breaks down on the way there.

Whether you need a clean bill of health for your camper before you take off or you need maintenance and repairs now, we are still the best choice for your needs. We guarantee the best in complete repair options for Gas, Diesel, and travel trailer including AIRSTREAM!

Call today and let us act as your RV experts before you enjoy the outdoors.

Diesel Engine Repair

Diesel engines get made to work harder than most other machines. And while you can go months at a time without incident, they will require repairs soon enough.

If your vehicle is shifting hard, feels sluggish, or won’t even start, then you need our team to assist you. We can help you maintain and rebuild your diesel engines, keeping your vehicles at their best for longer.

Typical drivers ignore their maintenance schedule, resulting in engines overheating and blowing out. When you can’t afford to have your engines quitting on you, then allow our team to keep you moving.

Heavy Equipment Repair

Heavy-duty trucks, vehicles, and construction equipment get made to move mountains daily. However, when they experience engine problems, these mechanical beasts grind to a halt.

More often than not, they encounter problems when it’s the least convenient time. Whether your digger is halfway through making a hole in the ground or you have cranes that aren’t lifting, you can’t afford to have your equipment items quit.

No matter what your vehicle is or what is preventing it from operating, we remain confident that we will always have your back. Don’t let construction stop when we can help.


When you have a diesel vehicle that isn’t performing, it can quickly get frustrating when you can’t find a repair garage. However, we assist more Malibu drivers with their trucks, heavy machinery, and more.

Contact us for the best diesel engine repairs.


“I wasted days speaking to a bunch of different auto mechanics, but none of them offered diesel service. Once I found Malibu Mobile Mechanic, I knew things were about to get a lot simpler. I can’t imagine taking my pickup anywhere else now for repairs and maintenance.” – Brian G.


“I needed a classic muscle car inspected before a big car meet at the end of the month, but no one in the area wanted to touch it. They either gave excuses, or a flat-out no. Once I discovered Mobile Mechanics, I haven’t been anywhere else since.” – Dusty H.


“I’m a supervisor on a local construction crew, and one day we just had a string of bad luck. We had a pickup quit running, a backhoe that blew a hose, and a generator that went out. I was shocked; they sent a mechanic over, and they fixed it all.” – Frank B.

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How do you pay a mechanic?

Generally, mechanics make a decent living, earning a median annual salary of $36,600. But most are paid according to a “flat-rate” system, meaning that they only make money when there is actual work to be done. Meanwhile, each task only pays a pre-set number of hours, no matter how long it actually takes to complete.

Will mechanics do payment plans?

Most auto repair shops that offer payment plans do so through partnerships with lending institutions. The plans are typically offered as credit cards that can be used for expenses related to your vehicle. They often come with low- or no-interest introductory rates and offer an immediate way to pay for vehicle repairs.

What's the difference between an automotive technician and a mechanic?

Auto technicians are trained especially to work with computers and compatible equipment to discover the problems in your car. While an auto technician’s specialty lies with handling the technical, computer aspects of your vehicle; an auto mechanic is more equipped to handle the mechanical aspects of repair.

Is being a mechanic stressful?

Compared to an office job, mechanic careers are much more physically demanding. You spend much of your day on your feet or in uncomfortable positions when completing repairs. You also typically work routinely with tools and greasy car parts, which are uncomfortable, and often worn on your hands and arms.

Do you have to be strong to be a mechanic?

No, it is not necessary to be strong to be a mechanic but it helps. A person who has to use his or her wits and available tools will have a much healthier back than someone who uses bruit force. … No, it is not necessary to be strong to be a mechanic but it helps.

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